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Tips and Information


In the event that there is a snow storm on a practice night, practice will be cancelled if all after school activities are cancelled at the High School. We will post updates on the website when possible. With regard to cancellations for weekend/holiday events, we will post updates on the website. Check the date and time that the website was last updated on the home page. If there is a question of a cancellation and there is no message posted, please call to confirm status, Please note that, on occasion, due to last minute inclement weather cancellations and/or technical difficulties (i.e. internet service or power interrupted), we are not always able to post cancellations on the website in time. When in doubt, please call for confirmation.


Practice Attire

Suitable athletic attire is required for all practices and scrimmages. The best attire for practices or scrimmages is a t-shirt, shorts and wrestling shoes (some wrestlers may opt to wear wrestling singlets at scrimmages). Support jocks and/or spandex shorts (underneath gym shorts) are strongly recommended. No jewelry or clothing with zippers, rivets or similar potentially injury causing materials will be allowed.


Wrestling headgear is optional, but is recommended, particularly for those who regularly participate in tournament wrestling. Please be aware that a headgear is required for all dual meets and most tournaments.

Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes will be required for all wrestlers after the first two weeks.

Buying Wrestling Shoes and Accessories

Wrestling shoes are available at many sporting goods stores. It is advised to call first as not all stores carry them. Also, given that the shoes will not likely fit for more than one season, there is little need to buy expensive wrestling shoes. Please do not hesitate to consult with one of the coaches with any questions or advice with regard to purchasing wrestling shoes or any other accessories.


Wrestlers issued a Tyngsborough Singlet must wear the singlet at all tournaments and dual meets. No other singlets may be worn at any event attended by the team.



Just about every Sunday (and sometimes Saturdays) throughout the year, there will be tournaments held for any wrestlers that wish to attend. Tournament wrestling is optional.

Dual Meets

A dual meet is the equivalent to a "game" in football or baseball. The dual meet is a team match against another team. There are set weight classes and only one wrestler competes at each weight class. Tyngsborough participates in the Massachusetts Youth Wrestling Association's dual meet league. Dual meets really bring out the team aspect of wrestling. We like to have good crowds at our dual meets.


Scrimmages are held throughout the season, usually early on Saturday mornings. Scrimmages are recommended for all ages and all ability levels, but particularly for our newer and younger wrestlers. Scrimmages involve pairings of matches whereby coaches attempt to match kids of similar age, weight and experience for informal matches. No scores are kept and there is no winner. Scrimmages are highly recommended for all wrestlers.